An interesting report out of the UBC, there is very little data left after a few years.

Vines et al. 2014 point out that after articles are published, the data is lost at a rate of about 17% per year.
This means that my experience with my data on those zip discs from the 1990′s is probably a fairly common experience of many researchers. I guess I just have to accept that I will never actually look at that old data and other people who may have found it useful will never find it.

Is it ok that all of this data is lost? Well it has always been that way, but the question is should it? We have the ability to share data sets with each other in unprecedented ways, almost for free. The granting agencies are requiring us to do it, and we are getting a lot of push from the media. Will this be enough to change the way that I and my colleagues think about data? Certainly hope so.

If you would like to have a place to put your data, please share it with any of the standard repositories in your field, or if you can’t find one share it with NIF.