The Neuroscience Information Framework is proud to support the BioCreative effort ( whose goal is bridging the gap between text mining and biocuration.

One activity BioCreative is currently recruiting for is a User Interactive Task (IAT) where a domain expert for a biocuration task is recruited to test a system.

This study is conducted remotely and is time flexible, as long as the evaluation is performed by September 25.  There are two levels of participation: full (involves actual curation of a selected corpus (about 60 abstracts total), completing a user survey, and being listed as co-author on the BioCreative IAT overview article) and partial (involves performing basic pre-defined tasks at the system’s website, completing a user survey and being acknowledge in the BioCreative IAT overview article).

BioCreative has 9 systems and one of them is EGAS (, a web-based platform for biomedical text mining and collaborative curation, supporting manual and automatic annotation of concepts and relations. In this case related to protein interactions in biomedical corpus related to neurological diseases.

Since NIF’s community expertise is on neurosciences BioCreative wanted to ask for our help to recruit suitable participants. Specially, they are in need for a couple of participants for full testing of EGAS.

The benefits to biocurators participating in this activity are multifold, including:

  • direct communication and interaction with developers
  • exposure to new text mining tools that can be potentially adapted and integrated into the biocuration workflow
  • contribution to the development of text mining systems that meet the needs of the biocuration community
  • dissemination of findings in a peer-reviewed journal article.

Here is the website for BioCreative IAT:

Link to EGAS system and task description:

To register, select EGAS as the system in the registration page: