Exciting News! Straight from the brain into the press!

The NIF team is proud and excited to announce the Neuro-Tools Webinar Series! The Series will focus on online tools, resources, gateways, curated inventories, and labs that are creating a dynamic and accessible place for research, conversation, and publication in the neuroscience community and, more broadly, the scientific community.

The series begins this Friday, September 15th, with Drs. Bandrowski and Martone discussing RRIDs.

Title: RRIDs, What Are They Good For And How Do I Use Them

Synopsis: The Resource Identification Portal was created in support of the Resource Identification Initiative, which aims to promote research resource identification, discovery, and reuse. The portal offers a central location for obtaining and exploring Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) – persistent and unique identifiers for referencing a research resource. A critical goal of the RII is the widespread adoption of RRIDs to cite resources in the biomedical literature and other places that reference their generation or use. RRIDs use established community identifiers where they exist, and are cross-referenced in our system where more than one identifier exists for a single resource.

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