For years, physiology has been lagging far behind anatomy as data sharing is still in infancy in that community as opposed to being fairly standard now in neuro-anatomy.

We are pleased to announce that the Physiobank registry resource from MIT, containing data from a set of physiology experiments has been added to the NIF Data Federation.


This brings us to 6 sources of data (anatomy is still winning, but perhaps we can change that)

CRCNS, a repository of e-phys data (patch clamp mostly)

NeuroElectro, a rather large listing of cellular properties mined from e-phys papers

NeuronDB, a curated set of e-phys properties of known cell types including currents, receptors and transmitters

EEG-base, a repository of EEG data

Neurodatabase, a repository of extracellular data sets.


Note, this list may be incomplete because it does not include Model data, so please see Integrated Models, a virtual database currently indexing computational models from:ModelDBOpen Source BrainSimTK and  CellML.