Next week we kick off the fall webinar series, with Dr. Satrajit Ghosh from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Ghosh is a research scientist at the mcgovern institute for brain research and an assistant professor at harvard medical school. He will talk about Neurostars and Biostars.

Neurostars ( and Biostars ( are sibling question and answer platforms for neuroscience and bioinformatics communities. Based on the successful StackOverflow model, these platforms provide a voting mechanism, a modern user-interface, integrated search, and personalization characteristics that are typically not available in traditional mailing lists or forums. It also supports facilities for data discovery links and discussion using the bittorrent mechanism, and is now part of the mozilla science lab ( Neurostars is maintained and run by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facilities (INCF) with community input and support.

This webinar will go over some of the basic operations, some features that are only available on these platforms, and finish with a near term roadmap of new features under consideration.


Available here:

When: Anytime!