Topic: The Mouse Brain Architecture Project
Date/Time: March 5, 2013; 11 am PDT (2:00 Eastern Time) – Recording is available at link below
Presenter: Partha Mitra

The basic premise of the Mouse Brain Architecture Project is that, while great advances have been made at the individual neuron and microcircuit levels, there is a large gap at the whole-brain level of analysis of neural circuitry. The project seeks to fill this gap experimentally, by systematically mapping the meso-circuit of the whole mouse brain, and simultaneously addressing the computational and theoretical questions that arise.

The project utilizes a shotgun-like approach, covering the brain with a grid, with each grid point receiving two anterograde and two retrograde tracer injections. An individual mouse is injected with a single tracer substance at a single grid location. Each brain is subsequently sectioned and digitally imaged. The resulting data volumes will be subsequently co-registered in order to obtain the brain-wide meso-circuit.