Greetings SciCrunch/NIF Community!

Please read below for a message from Maryann Martone regarding the upcoming “Annotating all Knowledge” event!

Join us for the kick off  face to face meeting for the Annotating all Knowledge coalition.  This is an all-day workshop, open to all, but space is limited so please register ASAP.  You do not have to attend the FORCE2016 meeting to attend, although we strongly encourage it!

Goals of the workshop:  At the first Beyond the PDF conference, the goals were lofty and the aims clear: “to move us beyond a static and disparate data and knowledge representation”. With open, web-based annotation a reality, the time and technology is ripe to realize this vision. This workshop will bring together key players in the scholarly communications ecosystem to explore the feasibility and desirability for equipping all books, articles and other digital media, new and old, with the capability for readers to create, share, and discover annotations from colleagues, authors, friends and experts around the globe. This technology should be open source, federated, and based on standards. The goal: to bring open annotation to all scholarly works within 5 years.

The workshop will feature presentations, discussions and demonstrations covering current progress, opportunities and barriers to bringing a pervasive, open annotation layer to all scholarly work. We will consider how open annotation fits into the larger idea of the 21st century Scholarly Commons, through linking of annotations to systems like ORCIDs. Outcomes will be to forge relationships and outline next steps towards achieving the goal.

Happy Friday!

The NIF/SciCrunch Team